Wandering With Wayne

by Wayne Dodson

Stopping a Ball Without Hands


If you read the Introduction, you are already familiar with this rule as well as Oz and Insane.


Oz is playing SS with Insane McNutly at bat. Insane drives a sharp ground ball just out of the reach of Oz. Instinctively, Oz throws his glove at the ball and stops it. He picks up the ball and fires it to 1B before Insane reaches the orange bag. 

What’s the call: Safe or out?

Neither, Oz just gave Insane a triple.

Paraphrasing SSUSA PLAYING RULES 49 C,  When a fielder intentionally contacts a fair batted or thrown ball with his detached glove, the runner would be entitled to three bases from the time of the pitch if a batted ball. 

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January 11, 2024