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Keepers of the Realm

Oz and Insane Mcnutly aren’t with us today, the BOD has sentenced them to a 3-day player behavior management and umpires clinic. While that seems like a strange combination for a clinic, remedial action was required as both acted like naughty boys this week on the field. This leaves us with a great opportunity to wander around our field to see who's who.

Our fenced fiefdom with dirt, grass, five bases, two plates, scoreboard, and two dugouts is monitored and maintained by a nearly invisible team we call scorekeepers (SK), groundskeepers (GK), umpires, and the forgotten ones. Today, homage is paid to this wonderful group of people without whom we players would just be like a ragtag group of kids without direction, as it was during our playground days.

They are invisible because their jobs keep them out of the limelight and are seen only when there's a close call, questionable batting order, a choppy infield cries out for grooming, or guidance is required. They are friendly, funny folks who love their work and will do whatever they can to help players move the game along.


Here is a pop quiz. Oh, stop groaning – all the answers are the same and the answer is right before you.

Easy answers to some hard questions and you got an A+. We are having so much fun, I promise more.

To keep score, SK need to know a softball code of symbols and pencil strokes, defensive position assignments, names of batters, scoreboard controller operations, umpire hand signals, and more – all while huddled under two or more blankets in the winter or while glistening in the hot Florida summer sun.

Are you looking for more? How about another pop quiz?

And if this isn’t enough, then consider this:

If you have the last game, who is at the field at 8 am setting up the statistician desk, scoreboard, and getting prepared for game 1 – while you lazily roll over for a few more minutes of sleepy time? Further, if you have game 1, who is still at the field at 3 pm while you are doing the “South Beach Mambo” and having your first toddy of the afternoon?

You have passed the quiz and your continued respect for SK has been granted.


Sometime around 6 AM, OTOW grooms the infield Monday - Friday and that's just great for game 1. But our club has a whole team of guys –players – who come in, regardless of their game start time to detail the infield between innings so that infielders can field ground balls with confidence. Here is what those volunteers do:

Every infielder who plays on this field has the greatest appreciation for those volunteers who grab the tools and smooth out those rough patches.


Attributes to these fine men have been detailed on the blog “How to Handle That Pesky Umpire”. Have a look. To summarize – these guys are our friends and teammates who perform a job most of us won’t. That alone is enough to grant them our deepest respect.

The Forgotten Ones

Not hardly. Our four BOD members each spend many hours thinking about or initiating processes and procedures that efficiently run our club. We have a manager who publishes our standings and administers our website, we have a guy who creates the seasonal schedule that dictates our playing times and day, we have managers of teams who put their heart and soul into organizing lineups and positions for the game, NPO managers who ensure we are supplied with quality new talent, and another group of guys who run our seasonal draft. Those water bottles in the Home dugout fridge, first aid kit, and other supplies are replenished by the initiative of one or more guys. 

There are too many names to list here, so see our Support Team Hall of Fame in the “Club” tab on our website. If someone was missed, that's on me.


Some time take a moment, before a game starts, and stand on the grass just behind the middle infield. Listen and watch the magic taking place in the Realm. The SK are busy comparing notes and prepping for the next game. The umpires are chit-chatting among themselves and the players, The GK are putting the final touches on the infield while joking with each other. Managers are bantering with their players and putting the final touches on their line-up. Add in the background noise of the spectators who have come to enjoy a game or support a player. All components working together in preparation for the magic of all words:


Now get off the field!

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March 4, 2024