OTOW Rules


The following information is provided to help promote a clear understanding between the

Association and you, the resident, regarding the requirements for reserving, using, and

cleaning of the facilities that you are utilizing.


All requests must be made in person and in writing at the Recreation Office on the

Facility Request Form. Applicant must be a resident of On Top of the World

Communities. Applications are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis up to one

year in advance. Rental requests submitted within two weeks of date needed will be

considered on a case-by-case basis.


• Time requested for set-up and clean up is calculated as part of your total time. It

is expected that the facility will be left in the same condition as when you arrived.

• Please clean the designated room(s) prior to leaving the building.

• It is the responsibility of the resident making the request to make sure the room is

left clean and the facility is vacated by the specified time noted on your Facility

Request Form.

• If any damage to the facility and/or equipment is reported to the Recreation

Office, the cost of repairs or replacement will be billed to the resident/club who

has requested the room.


• All decorating must be done the day of the event, and all decorations must be

removed after event is complete.

• Do not use nails, thumbtacks or staples on the facility walls. Candles will not be

permitted in any of the facilities.

• If you are re-arranging the room(s) for your event, please make sure the room is

put back to the original room configuration.


Immediately after the event, and within the time specified in the application, the premises

used must be cleaned and all personal items removed.


_________ Wipe clean all tables, chairs, sinks, and counters

_________ Sweep and mop up any spills in all areas

_________ All decorations must be removed and disposed of

_________ Check lobby, restrooms, and parking lot areas for disposable trash

_________ All trash must be placed in the proper receptacle and emptied before leaving

The facility.


1. _______ BYOB is not allowed at any facility at On Top of the World

Communities except the Picnic Pavilion, The Lodge & Indigo East. No alcoholic

beverage may be consumed unless purchased from the facility in ownership of the

beverage license. If you are requiring alcoholic beverages at your function, you

must contact the hospitality department at 861-9188.

2. _______ If alcoholic beverages are found on the property other than what has

purchased from the facility in ownership of the beverage license, said alcohol will

be disposed of immediately, if this is not complied with, said offender(s) will be

asked to leave the function. If said offender(s) still refuses, the function will be

shut down and everyone will be asked to leave the property. Offending parties or

groups will be denied future permission to utilize the facility.

3. _______ The applicant will be solely responsible for:

a. Damage, loss, accidents, or injuries to persons or property resulting

from the use of the facility.

b. Supervision and control of people in attendance at the event.

c. Damage to furniture, fixtures, or any part of the center.

4. _______ All request for control of lights, heating and cooling systems, public

address systems, and other equipment should be directed to the Health &

Recreation Office one day before the equipment is required.

I have read, understand, and agree to the above facility use rules, regulations and


Signature: ______________________________________ Date: _____________