Board of Directors

December 4, 2023


Location: Lodge at Candler Hills

Board members present: Laccone, Youngberg, Blair, Tate

Meeting called to order by President Laconne at 1pm

President Laconne talked about taking the financials off of the public domain since we have two other softball clubs and not wanting to share our financial information with them.

MOTION:  Motion made by Laccone to remove the financial information from our website and share this information with the membership quarterly   SECOND: Tate  VOTE: 4-0 Approved.

Treasurer Tate stated that he was working on the budget for 2024 and that the budget would be ready to send to the membership for approval by the end of the month.

Secretary Youngberg suggested that the Board recognize the members who have volunteered their time doing field work and other supportive tasks during the last year by purchasing gift cards to be given to those members as a thank you for their efforts.

 MOTION:  Motion made by Youngberg to budget $350 in giftcards to be given to those members.  Second: Blair  Vote: 4-0  Approved.  Youngberg advised he would purchase the gift cards to be given out just before Christmas.

Discussion about the Draft for the Winter season.  Managers were identified, number of players and teams were finalized, and the room at the hobby building was reserved for December 28th.  Laccone advised that he gave authorization to Ed Castrogiovanni to complete a schedule for the Winter season

Plans were finalized for our end of season picnic at the Veterans pavilion on December 15th 

Meeting adjourned at 3pm