Whether you are experienced, haven't played in decades, or are new to the game of softball, we will work with you to get you ready. This is not a tryout. Since the safety of our players is extremely important, we will assess your skill level after you complete our New Player Orientation (NPO) Program to see if you can participate safely in our softball club. We emphasize fun, exercise, and comradery. To participate and be assigned to one of our club teams, you must be able to commit to playing two days a week, currently on Monday and Wednesday mornings. You must also be an OTOW resident and at least 55 years old. 


The NPO Program consists of three sessions. They are not sequential and can be taken in any order. The sessions are currently held upon request, at the softball field.

Session #1:

Stretching, fundamentals of throwing, fielding ground balls, and throwing to a target.

Session #2:

Stretching, throwing, fundamentals of catching a fly ball, and outfield play. We will also review the rules of the game.

Session #3:

Stretching, throwing, fundamentals of hitting a slow pitched softball.


Please bring a bat, a glove, and something to drink. We have extra equipment in case you do not have your own yet.

To get started, just complete the NPO Application form below and we'll be in touch.