General Membership Meeting

March 15, 2024


Location: Hobby Building Event Room

Board members present: Laccone, Youngberg, Tate, Henderson

Members present: 46

Meeting Start Time: 1:00 pm

A general membership meeting was held for all active members. Thanks to Wayne Dodson for coordinating lunch.

Treasurer's report: Steve Tate informed the membership that the club is in excellent financial condition, citing our bank balance with minimal expenses.

Secretary's report: Brad Youngberg reported that our club has 106 members, 98 are actively playing during the Winter season, and we’ve had seven players graduate from NPO, two of which were referred to the Co-ed program.

President Tom Laccone gave a “State of the Club” address which included some of the clubs' history, reasons for dividing into three separate clubs, and an optimistic view of our future including reasons for not combining with other clubs for the summer season.

Secretary Brad Youngberg talked about rules that had been causing some arguments between the players and umpires which were clarified. Rules discussed were base running, throwing runners out at first base, player substitutions, avoiding collisions on the bases, changing the 15 Run Rule back to 10 to avoid game delays, and the batter's box. The 15 Run Rule will be changed immediately, and others will be discussed by the board after receiving input from the membership. 

Board Member Kelly Henderson raffled off some donated items.

Meeting was adjourned at 3:00 pm.