Whether you are experienced, haven't played in decades, or are new to the game, we will work with you to get you ready. This is not a tryout. We will assess your skill level and place you in one of our two leagues.  While we emphasize fun and recreation in both leagues, the American League is best suited for those who want to compete but less aggressively and the National League is best for you if you are able and prefer more aggressive competition.

The New Player Orientation consists of three sessions.  They are not sequential, so they can be taken in any order.

The sessions run every Wednesday from 1:00 PM  to 2:30 PM at the softball field.


Session #1:

Stretching, throwing, rules, and infield skills.


Session #2:

Stretching, throwing, and outfield skills


Session #3:

Stretching, throwing, strategy, and hitting skills.

Contact us at when you are ready to start or just show up at the field on any Wednesday at 1 pm. Please bring a bat, a glove, and something to drink. We have extra equipment in case you do not have them yet.


OTOW Orientation Committee