Saturday at 8 am and running through Friday Sept. 15 at midnight; our club will be having our required 7 day period for nominations to serve on our club Board of Directors. Anyone wishing to be on the board must be nominated by another club member. If you are considering nominating a club member to serve on the BOD please check with them first to see if they are interested in serving on our BOD and they can commit to the time and duties required to keep our club operating.  You can submit/email the name of the person you wish to nominate to OTOWsoftball@gmail.com.  After the nomination process is over, we will then have a computer ballot process for a 7 day period. Those elected to our BOD will begin their term on October 1, so they can begin on our next budget, purchasing and other club matters. For those club members who may not be aware of this fact; the election process is to select the 5 board members and then those 5 discuss/decide between them who will serve in what capacity of the BOD as President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer and the extra position. 

For a more detailed description of duties performed by each Board member, see our By-Laws listed in the "Club" section of this website.